Copy the code below and paste it in place of the code in the stylesheet in order to make these changes affect all your pages.

{% color "melody" color="#162A49", export_to_template_context=True %} /* change your site's color here */

{% color "harmony" color="#3FBFBB", export_to_template_context=True %} /* change your site's secondary color here */

{% set topHeaderColor = "#3FBFBB" %} /* This color is solely used on the top bar of the website. */

{% set baseFontFamily = "Gotham Medium" %} /* Add the font family you wish to use. You may need to import it above. */

{% set headerFontFamily = "Gotham Medium" %} /* This affects only headers on the site. Add the font family you wish to use. You may need to import it above. */

{% set textColor = "#565656" %} /* This sets the universal color of dark text on the site */

{% set pageCenter = "1100px" %} /* This sets the width of the website */

{% set headerType = "fixed" %} /* To make this a fixed header, change the value to "fixed" - otherwise, set it to "static" */

{% set lightGreyColor = "#f7f7f7" %} /* This affects all grey background sections */

{% set baseFontWeight = "normal" %} /* More than likely, you will use one of these values (higher = bolder): 300, 400, 700, 900 */

{% set headerFontWeight = "normal" %} /* For Headers; More than likely, you will use one of these values (higher = bolder): 300, 400, 700, 900 */

{% set buttonRadius = '40px' %} /* "0" for square edges, "10px" for rounded edges, "40px" for pill shape; This will change all buttons */

After you have updated your stylesheet, make sure you turn this module off

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