Ampersand Means “And”

You and us. Your team and ours. We want to work with you to reach your goals. Think of us as an arm of your business development efforts.


Many agencies use one formula across the board but we do things differently. Ampersand Business Solutions was built to fill the need for customized business development. We learn your business, your customers and your goals inside and out. At Ampersand, your business is our business, and your success is our success.

The Business Development Extension of Your Company

We create strategies to help you drive customer loyalty, reach a price premium, and increase revenue growth-- faster than your competition can do it. We do this with our industry insights and research combined with our marketing and operations expertise. At Ampersand Business Solutions, we find out what makes your customers tick — what makes them buy. To do that, we work with you closely to understand your business from all aspects and develop strategies to maximize your investments, create focus, and achieve tangible results.

We put the customer at the start of the process and use them as a source of information and inspiration to create a business development strategy tailored to you and them. Their insights often lead to new product development — and more sales.

We offer a range of solutions that include brand strategy, concentrated market research, customized business development tactics and extensive analytics reporting.

As a business model, we source experts. This means world class results every time in: Digital Marketing, Digital Advertising, Inbound Marketing Campaigns, Content Creation, Training and Education Website Design & Development, Logo & Brand Identity Design, Video & Photo, Digital and Print Campaigns. 

Maximize Your Investments

maximize-investment.pngA lot of what happens in the brain is emotional, not cognitive. Customers are more likely to buy from you if they feel connected to you.

Ampersand dives deep into the head of your ideal customer. We use business operations expertise, psychology and behavior economics (why people make the choices they make) to come up with a customized business development approach that creates that connection.

We give you the simplest and most cost effective way to reach and appeal to your target market faster than your competition.

We’ve helped past clients uncover:

That while grocery shoppers loved the idea of ordering their groceries online, most people want to drive no more than 15 minutes, though they’re saving time by not having to shop. Outcome: Specific geotargeting near the original drive up with scaled future plans of setting up satellite kiosks throughout the city in specific locations within 15 minutes of ideal customers, such as mothers of young children and young professionals.

The wireless service industry is the least trusted industry, beating out even cable and oil for Americans’ disdain. How does a rurally-focused wireless provider stand out in a sea of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint price wars? By creating a unique customer experience that the big guys absolutely cannot deliver. Outcome: Creation of products and services that are too costly for competitors, growth in areas of opportunity such as fleet management and remote monitoring, catering to specific opportunities and needs within the market, targeted and meaningful messages delivered differently to each market (i.e. approaching metro markets differently than rural markets).

Create Focus

We’ll work with you to zero in on the avenues of business that will help you accomplish your goals, whether that’s increasing your subscribers by 20% this year or doubling the number of attendees at your next event.


Achieve Tangible Results

Before the start of every project, we help you define what success of our partnership looks like. Then we exceed it.

Our Team 

The Ampersand business structure is an innovative and flexible system that involves brand strategists leading teams across the country (and in some cases, across the world) to bring solutions to grow your business.

We bring world class talent to every project as we’re not limited by a staff with a finite skill set. That means you get world class results. Every time.

We work with market researchers, designers, developers, and other creative specialists from: Manhattan, Kansas; Topeka, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri; Joplin, Missouri; Atlanta, Georgia; and Phoenix, Arizona
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