Business Development

Your Strategy To Drive More Revenue and Business Growth

Your most important business asset is your brand. Truly connecting your brand to your customer's desires is how you can differentiate your company. At Ampersand Business Solutions, we work closely to understand your business from all aspects and develop strategies to maximize your investments, create focus, and achieve tangible results. With laser-focus on the customer and their wants, your business will benefit from unique market and consumer presence. We create strategies to help you drive customer loyalty, reach a price premium, and increase revenue growth-- faster than your competition can do it.

How We Help Brands and Businesses Develop


Brand Audit

Let's take a deep dive into where you stand right now. During this audit we will identify the vulnerabilities your brand is experiencing against the competition. We'll start with a thorough investigation of where your brand's current position is in the marketplace and find any threats that will help us build an action plan.

Buyer Persona Development

We put the customer at the start of the process and use them as a source of information and inspiration to create a business development strategy tailored to you and them. Their insights often lead to new product development — and more sales. Creating a laser-focus on the customer is not easy but the team at Ampersand Business Solutions will complete interviews, gather insights and fully develop a limited number of core personas to focus on from the beginning.



Your brand should paint a picture of exactly who you are to your ideal buyers. Whether your brand has evolved due to buyer insights or other internal changes, we can help develop a comprehensive plan that will get your business where it needs to be.

Spend 30 minutes with us and we’ll help you understand how your business can increase revenue growth.

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