Data-Driven Research

Real insight combined with actionable plans for better business results.

We uncover the data that will tell us what makes your customers tick and what makes them buy. Ampersand Business Solutions dives deep into the head of your ideal customer. We use business operations expertise, psychology and behavior economics (why people make the choices they make) to come up with a customized business development approach that creates that connection. We develop a strategy that will attract your ideal customer by leveraging real insights from your customer, marketplace and competition.
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Our Data-Driven Approach To Research


Market Research and Planning

Understanding your current and neighboring markets is the key to identifying how to engage your ideal audience and grow. Whether you need insights to help you expand into a new market or evolve in your current space, we'll use real customer data to design the best strategy.

Customer Research

Customers are more likely to buy from you if they feel connected to you. Get inside the head of your ideal customer and find out how they search, buy and recommend products and services. The more you know about your ideal audience, the better opportunity you will have to attract and close their business. Using interviews, surveys and industry research our team will create comprehensive "buyer personas" that represent your ideal customer.


Competitor Research

Advanced competitor research will help you understand the opportunities for dominating your industry. Find out where you stand against your competitors when it comes to online presence, market share and brand positioning. This insight will help us design a strategy to push your company forward and take advantage of opportunities within the marketplace.

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